Is sexting illegal?

    is sexting illegal?

    Is sexting illegal?

    Is sexting illegal?

    The answer is yes. Sexting is illegal being that it’s a form of pornography and is most often initiated by minors who are putting themselves, others and adults at risk for severe punishment and jail sentences. There’s a lot of research that you can look into for your sake and your child’s safety. The law consequences have been discussed ever since 2005 when this became more of a problem than society expected. When the camera was featured within a mobile phone, it wasn’t supposed to turn into a worldwide legislative epidemic.

    It becomes more of an issue when lawsuits were being made due to minors sending their pictures to others and ending up in the hands of adults. Although it may seem quite harmless, this is an explicit message that can potentially create a criminal record. The punishment towards teens is quite similar; it can even prevent a teenager from attending to a job offer or a college scholarship. Although this is supposed to be innocent behavior, there are extreme consequences, which are embarrassing and preventative in furthering a student with their own future.

    First, what area do you live in? The laws vary depending on the state which is why you should protect yourself by informing yourself on their sexting laws and punishment. Some areas may result in felony charges, including the exploitation of a child as well as the distribution of child pornography. The more people who have access to this picture the worst the punishment is going to be for both the one who sent out the picture as well as the person who received it and did not report it.

    If you have received a picture message or a video that contains the image of a minor, and it is considered pornography, and you don’t report it, then you are a candidate for a severe felony charge or jail time. There is a New York lawyer who is attempting to make this type of behavior a federal sexting legislation which would only create this to be a misdemeanor for minors. There’s controversy in the punishment directed towards teens because many have fought that the teen mind has yet to be fully developed, resulting in like behavior.

    It’s unfortunate enough that such harmless acts could be on your record for years on end, and it could affect your future in ways that you were unaware of. It’s important for children to realize that their means of communication through the internet, and through a phone is permanent. Even phone activity can be traced by a phone company, and all messages on the internet can be traced as well by the right department.

    We almost have no privacy when it comes to our personal life, which is why it’s important for us to protect it and keep it as personal as we can by leaving no evidence in the form of technology communication. You cannot be an adult who says “kids will be kids” because that is not the type of behavior that a court room is going to have towards you!

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