Who, when and where to Sext

    Sexting can really brighten up your relationship fast!

    However, most people struggle to find the right words while texting.

    But more important then what to Sext, is who you Sext it to and at what time.

    Below are 3 good examples you can use to Sext your Lover or boyfriend/girlfriend.

    1) Sexting Examples at the dinnertable

    Ever been out to parties or dinner with your loved one?  Next time you do, surprise them with a sext, and make them already look forward to when you two get home. Examples of casual Sexting can be found here and here.

    2) Sexting Examples at Work.

    When you and your partner are at work, you two probably are bored and can’t wait to see eachother.  Send them a sext message saying “I need you right now! Can’t wait to c u later:)” and just wait how they sext you back!  Since they can’t touch you, it hits them harder.

    3) Sexting Examples on the Road.

    This sexting technique is similar to Sexting at work, but can play off the adventure of travel itself.  You could for example say something like “I’m all alone in this big big hotel room right now…” to drop the hint of what you wanna do.  You can get as creative with this sexting example as you want.


    More Sexting Examples can be found HERE and HERE.