What is Sexting?

    What is SextingWhat is Sexting?

    Sexting is the act of sending sexual pictures via text message or sending sexual related text messages to other contacts.

    Although this seems to be acceptable for adults, it’s beginning to increase in activity when it comes to the younger generation, and the way that they are behaving towards each other through their mobile devices. Sexting may come in many different forms, and it can otherwise be interpreted if the same type of material is sent through email or on the Internet, which still isn’t acceptable.

    Protecting our children from sexting

    How do we know how we can protect our children or siblings from this type of behavior and how do we warn them of the consequences? We must first acknowledge that sexting is illegal among minors. There are strict laws when it comes to the punishment directed towards a student or a minor who has sent the pictures to another minor or an adult. If the picture has been sent to an adult, then it is the adult who is going to face a severe punishment which may even result in jail time.

    The best way to handle these types of situations is by preventing them before they happen. Evidence of sexual behavior has affected the lives of many students, adults and celebrities completely ruining their reputation; this type of personal evidence will affect their lives permanently especially when it is distributed widely. This could possibly be a form of blackmail when it is in the hands of somebody else. Children need to be warned of all the dangerous behavior and information that can be distributed through a cell phone, especially if they have access to the Internet on their mobile device.

    Sexting first appeared in 2005

    Around 2005, this term was popularized because of the advancements made in mobile devices. This was when there was a higher percentage of individuals who were taking part in this type of behavior. The only reason that Sexting is available is because of the ease in social interaction through electronic devices. There are also videos can be sent, which is just as dangerous and categorized as porn. When this became a problem, there was somewhat of a “legal gray area” because of the anti child pornography laws and the distribution of child pornography. This law has even had to tend to school administrators who have witnessed this type of behavior within their own school facility.

    Sexting dangers

    Many lawsuits have been filed because of this behavior because of adults, who even work on school grounds, have found these images and kept them. The danger in people isn’t always apparent to the younger generation and thinking before sending these types of messages isn’t always kicked into gear at the time of conversation. Children and young adults may believe that they can trust someone with these types of images and gestures, but it is taking a huge risk. It’s illegal because it can be dangerous to a child. This IS a form of pornography, and although it’s more controversial with the younger generation, it isn’t safe for anyone to take part in.