Teen Sexting

    teen sexting

    Teen Sexting

    Teen Sexting

    It is great to talk dirty, sometimes it helps to remove stresses after long hours of study but be very careful when you sext pictures. Things look okay when your relationship is healthy but you never know where your pictures will get forwarded to when your relationship goes bad.

    And when the public finds out about your sexting pictures, the consequences are brutal and may come in all different shapes and sizes.

    Under the current laws, you shall face child pornography charges which is very severe and will make it very difficult to live. Although legislators are trying to reduce the punishments, it hasn’t passed legislation and may take sometime.

    My best advice, it is okay to sext dirty once in a while but avoid sexting pictures. If you happen to receive these pictures from friends, report to your parents. If for any reasons you would like not to report to parents, remove the pictures immediately. Don’t leave them in your phone or in any other types of medias. If you store them, you will be charged with possessing child pornography.

    What to do if you are a parent?

    As a parent, if you decide to allow your children to have cellphones, do not purchase texting for those phones. Or if your children wants texting available, see if you can talk to the phone company not to allow pictures texting on the phones, this should prevent the sexting pictures problems.

    Check your children’s phones regularly. If your children do sext pictures, by checking the phones regularly, they will be forced to remove pictures before your inspection which helps greatly.

    Be open with your children and explain to them the consequences about sexting pictures. Teens know there are problems resulting from sexting pictures but sometimes they don’t realize the real consequences until facing with the laws. Give them examples so they truly know the real consequences. See the two real examples here, at the bottom of that page. It is really important to stress the real consequences by examples because as you know, they are young, they don’t realize it until it really happens to them.

    In summary, if you are a teen looking for teen sexting information, I hope this helps. It is okay to talk dirty but don’t send sexting pictures. If you are a parent, talk to your teen openly, don’t command them because if you do, they won’t follow. Give them real examples.

    Take care!

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