Sexting Laws in Oregon

    sexting laws in oregonSexting Laws in Oregon:

    In 2011, Oregon lawmakers proposed a sexting bill to lessen the charges for minors caught sexting sexual images with other minors.

    Under this sexting bill, a minor is charged with inappropriate use of sexual images instead of a felony under the child pornography laws. Punishments include of up to one year in prison and does not require to register as a sex offender.

    This new bill has not been signed into law so any minor caught sexting sexual images are still charged under the state’s child pornography laws. If convicted, the individual shall face prison time of up to 25 years and must register as a sex offender.



    • Charged with a felony.
    • Up to 25 years in prison.
    • Up to $250,000 in fine.
    • Registration as a sex offender.


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