Sexting Laws in New Mexico

    sexting laws in new mexicoSexting Laws in New Mexico:

    Currently, New Mexico does not have a special law for sexting.

    Minors who sex sexual images with other minors, if caught are charged under the state’s child pornography laws.

    Under New Mexico child pornography laws, any person regardless of age caught producing, possessing and/or distributing images or videos containing minors engaging in sexual activity is charged with a felony which includes prison time, fines and must register as a sex offender.

    The laws were designed to punish adult sex predators so they carry heavy charges.  Teens sharing their own sexual images is not such a problem as those sex predators but as there is no special law for sexting, teens must face the same charges.



    • Charged with a felony.
    • Up to 9 years in prison.
    • Registration as a sex offender.


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