Sexting Laws in New Jersey

    sexting laws in new jerseySexting Laws in New Jersey:

    On April 01, 2012, New Jersey will pass a new sexting law which was designed to protect minors instead of punishing them.

    Under the new sexting laws, minors caught sexting sexual explicit images are required to complete an educational program.

    Under this educational program, minors will learn the potential dangers and consequences associated with sexting sexual images. Minors will also learn the huge potential dangers of distributing child pornography.

    The new sexting law only applies to minors. Adults caught sexting sexual explicit images with minors are charged under the state’s child pornography law.



    • Minors are placed under an educational program to educate them the dangers and consequences of sexting sexual explicit images.
    • Adults are charged with a felony and must register as sex offenders.


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