Sexting Laws in Nebraska

    sexting laws in nebraskaSexting Laws in Nebraska:

    Nebraska is one of the first very few states that created separate laws to address the sexting problem, in turn protecting minors from having to register as sex offenders.

    In 2009, recognizing the need to exempt minors from having to register as sex offenders, Nebraska lawmakers passed a bill to separate the sexting crime from the child pornography crime.

    Under the new law: a minor who shares sexual images with another minor, if they both consent to the act and the images are not shared with a 3rd person, both minors are not prosecuted.

    If the receiving minor distributes the images to other people then the minor is subject to prosecution under the state’s child pornography laws. It becomes distributing child pornography which is a felony subject to jail time and registration as a sex offender.



    • No prosecution if the minors do not redistribute the images.
    • Is a felony if redistribute the images. Charges include up to 20 years in prison and must register as a sex offender.


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