Sexting Laws in Hawaii

    sexting laws in hawaiiSexting Laws in Hawaii:

    Recognizing that minors sharing sexual images with other minors is not truly child pornography, Hawaii lawmakers have proposed several bills specifically for minors sexting to reduce charges from a felony to a misdemeanor and minors are not required to register as a sex offender.

    Minors who make efforts to remove the offending materials or report to adults won’t face any charges.

    Until such bills become laws, minors caught sexting and if convicted, minors are charged under the current child pornography laws.



    Under the newly proposed bills:

    • Minors who take reasonable steps to remove the offending materials are not punished.
    • A misdemeanor if convicted.
    • A convicted minor can have the record expunged when the minor reaches 18 years old.

    Hawaii Child Pornography Punishments:

    • A felony.
    • Up to 18 months for possession.
    • Up to 12 years for production.
    • Registration as a sex offender.


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