Sexting Laws in California

    sexting laws in california

    California Sexting Laws

    Sexting Laws in California:

    California is one of the few states that has laws specifically for sexting to reduce punishments for minors.

    Under the California sexting laws, minors caught sexting sexual images are punished in the form of community service and counseling.

    If the minor found sexting in school or while going to school, he/she shall be expelled from that school.



    • Community service.
    • Counseling with a fee.
    • Chance to be expelled from school.


    California Child Pornography Laws:

    If an adult is found sexting with a minor, he/she is charged under the California child pornography laws. The California child pornography punishments are below:

    • Exchange sexual images with a minor: a felony and be registered as a sex offender.
    • For commercial purposes: up to 6 years in prison time and/or up to $100,000 in fines.
    • Exchange sexual images of a minor to another adult: up to 1 year in prison time and/or up to $2000 in fines.


    Sexting Laws in The United States: