Sexting examples for women


    Want him? becareful with your sexting!

    What is sexting again?

    The Urban dictionary says:

    Sexting – the act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive and even sexually explicit

    So you want to have sex with him? or do you really like him and you want to use sexting to reel him in? It makes sense right? Guys are super sexual, so why not use sexting to get his attention?

    Simple, because guys really don’t want you to do this

    • Guys are most attracted to women that value their sexuality
    • Guys are most attracted to girls they have to chase
    • Guys are most attracted to (long term) girls that appear virginal but are not
    • Guys are most attracted to a challenge, someone difficult
    • Guys are most attracted to intelligence, someone they can connect to

    Now I imagine that some guys would deny this and say it is the physical that draws them the most. (Exactly what you are dishing out with sexting) This isn’t true at all, the physical is very powerful for guys but for long term, real, superglue like bonding attraction; it’s all in the head.

    So am I telling you that sexting is a bad idea? Yes and no, first I want you to redefine what sexting is. It is not some cheap picture of your boobs, it is a way to create long term attraction. Fortunately texting is really incredible for building attraction.

    Here are some tips to really become amazing at true sexting

    NEVER be overly sexual when texting a guy, hint but don’t say!

    You: Been thinking about you…
    Him: really? What have you been thinking?
    You: Just want to @#$% again!!
    Him: Wow, that sounds good
    You: When I get to your house I am going to #$%# until you !##%^ on my !#!@$!#.
    Him: Wow… (he is watching TV and could care less)

    Come on!! You know better than this!! You really think this is a tease? If you are sexting a high school guy possibly! I know you are into him but you can’t let them know that! Have you ever seen the movie Alien? Do you know what made that so scary? You never really saw the monster, just brief flashes in dark rooms! In later movies they showed way too much of our watermelon headed friend and the movies lost their tension. Don’t give this away! Give them brief glimpses of your passion. Don’t lay it out on the table like your neighbor’s cat in heat, it just isn’t sexy.

    Be the one to end the conversation

    Him: Hey, it was good to see you last night
    You: Yes I know, I could tell you are really into me
    Him: You are so full of yourself!
    You: So you are saying you don’t like me?
    Him: I don’t know I am thinking about it.
    You: Don’t hurt yourself!
    Him: Yeah thinking about you does hurt a little
    You: lol, hey my friend is here. Talk to you later.
    Him: okay, text me later
    You: I don’t know I will think about it!

    Being the one to end the conversation is an excellent sexting technique that shows you are busy and in demand. Even if you are planning a night alone with your cat, keep the conversation short and bail out after a few minutes. When a girl likes a guy and vice versa it is so tempting to sext a sexual/verbal dump, let him make that mistake, not you. Left to its own design the person that is the least interested usually breaks off the conversation. You want to make sure that is always you.

    Never chase a guy over text – Probably the biggest mistake ladies make not only with sexting guys, but in creating relationships with them. Many kick and fight against this concept but have you honestly ever had this work out? Have you ever been assertive with a guy and had him reciprocate your interest? The reason why is because this is the MALE role not the female. If you are the one chasing him over text or in person he sits back and lets you do all the work, then he does his best to sleep with you and disappears shortly after. This is the main reason why blatant sexting doesn’t work.

    You: Hey Jim, miss your sexy voice
    Jim: Hey… What’s up?
    You: Hopefully YOU the next time I see you!
    Jim: Yeah sounds good (imagine him rolling his eyes)
    You: So when are you free to come over and see me?? :)
    Jim: Yeah, hey, I am super busy this week. Is next week okay? (coward)
    You: Oh, okay. Sorry to bother you. :)

    Pathetic no? Throwing yourself sexually on a guy rarely works. Let him act like the horny ass, you should be playing the virginal roll until he decides to make more of a commitment.

    Don’t allow texting sex talk – You know how men start sexting dirty right away, or look for some lame excuse to text something nasty? This is because men need to filter women, is she sex material or relationship material? If you respond overly soon with dirty sexting, guess which category you will fall into. I imagine you want to be considered relationship material NOT sex material. This is why you need to ignore or even get upset with his constant inappropriate sexting. Resisting in this area does two positive things: you are taken more seriously and pushed into the relationship category AND believe it or not sexual tension is built simply by resisting it. So even if you want to rip his clothes off and devour every sweaty inch of him, error on the side of caution! and never virtually flash your boobs.

    GIRLS: Playful funny is the best way to text a guy

    Me: Hey you looked really cute the other day.
    Her: You did too, it is hard to imagine you are over 30!
    Me: Hey!! At least I hit puberty already!
    Her: lol, Maybe that is why I have such a cute amazing figure.
    Me: More like that is why you never grew any boobs! ☺
    Her: God… I knew you were staring at my chest last time we talked, How tacky…
    Me: No I wasn’t!?
    Her: Hey I got to go, text me later…
    Me: K… are you mad?
    Me: hello…?

    Playful funny is an adaptation of David DeAngelo’s  “cocky funny” advice to men. Cocky is not a very attractive female trait but playful is. Girls, when sexting a guy be more more passively funny, playfully giving him fuel to entertain with a dash of brattiness to raise the bar. In the above text I got beat up a bit, which was incredibly attractive! Did you notice too that she didn’t pull any punches at the end of the text? She left, leaving me totally off balance. Was she upset with me? Was I really staring at her chest? When does she want me to text her? She is totally in control and I am going to have to step up a bit to meet her texting level. Perfect job on her part.

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