Sexting examples for guys

    You sext her a pic of your what??


    What is sexting again?

    The Urban dictionary says:

    Sexting – the act of text messaging someone in the hopes of having a sexual encounter with them later; initially casual, transitioning into highly suggestive and even sexually explicit

    This is totally fine if the girl you are texting is horny as a mountain goat but for most women it is a major major mistake to sext girls with your erection.

    “Like the sheets on your bed I want cover you with love” – Whoa… super creepy. The mental image she gets is being smothered with your fluids.

    “You got something on your chest: my eyes” – Instantly, she will shut down. Girls with a chest HATE this, they have been stared at since they developed and they are tired of it.

    “Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?” – Hahahah! awesome… sexual but so funny, this is a witty line but you still better be able to banter with her or your one line is finished.

    Sending typical sexting lines really doesn’t work well. It freaks girls out and turns on their fear response. It is fine to be sexual but you must learn to avoid let it show too much. Girls are really not interested in how horny you are and you will drive them away. If you really want to be successful at sexting you need create comfort with a girl and then slip in something sexual but it must be funny!

    Never have a sexually based agenda when sexting a girl

    When you are sexting focus on creating comfort rather than getting sex, you are far far more likely to get laid. By making her feel safe, you have essentially removed the largest obstacle besides her jeans. However, this is something that you cannot fake, in other words if your agenda is to get laid it will shine through no matter how you try to hide it.

    This is why to be an authentic, trustable, decent guy you actually need to BE that! So in other words the fastest way to get what you want is to not focus on it. This means that when sexting a girl you really truly NEED to not care if you have sex with her or not.

    Here is short example of being authentic and not overly sext-ual!

    Her: So my friend tells me that you are a bit of a player
    Him: If you mean that I have slept with a lot of people, yes. Is my agenda to get laid? No.
    Her: Bullshit, It is every man’s agenda to get laid!
    Him: I love sex, I adore women but just like everyone else, I want to meet a great girl and have great sex on top of that
    Her: So you are saying that you don’t want to sleep with me *rolls eyes*
    Him: Of course I would, but that is not what drives me. I would rather see if we have a connection first (YES!! Home run right here)
    Her: I get that, I just don’t want to be used
    Him: :) If it makes you feel better I will let you use me instead, gotta go to work TTYL

    This text exchange was pure Judo on his part and is a perfect example of how to sext girls. He agreed with nearly every thing she said and turned it into a point for himself. However, he couldn’t have done this if it weren’t really true. This guy is comfortable with his promiscuity, he doesn’t lie about enjoying sex, and it makes his statement very honest. Sure there might not be a connection between them but because he is so honest with his intentions she will be totally comfortable to give him a shot.

    Sexting really doesn’t have to be dirty when you realize the goal and THAT is to create attraction. Being overly sexual just doesn’t work.

    Creating tension – why is this important? How to do it over text.

    Sexual tension when sexting, is something that is not well understood. In fact this is something about the PUA mentality that I hate. Why? Because most PUAs degrade a woman to get into her pants. This is simply shitty and I have no respect for it.

    How to we create a little sexual tension when sexting a girl? Easy, we can push and pull, keep her off balance, expand her world, all is  creating tension. But it’s cool, you don’t have to think that much, just be difficult and you have tension and this is relatively easy to accomplish over text.

    Here is another example of sexting a girl:

    Her: Hey Will what are you doing on Friday
    Me: Going out with you, impressed you had the guts to ask me
    Her: Idiot, I wasn’t going to ask YOU, I wanted to introduce you to my friend
    Me: I like how girls who want me always push me on their friends, you shouldn’t let this boyfriend thing get in the way of your obsessions
    Her: May I remind you that my BF is gorgeous a 6’3” med student
    Me: :) you are hot when you are angry
    Her: God…
    Me: Don’t text me so much, it makes you seem desperate

    At this point she has absolutely nothing to text and she is a little pissed, she thinks I am an arrogant ass and she hates me just a tad but this is GOOD! Now is when we sit on it a little bit and let the tension gestate.

    There are a MILLION ways to build tension when sexting a girl but what sets text apart is it is a wonderful place to practice and if you screw up you can just blame it on the misunderstanding of tone. Play around, push boundaries, and mess up, just remember that although being cruel builds tension ridiculously fast, it eventually catches up to you. Usually in the form of crying like a baby while considering jumping off a building, Not cool.

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