Sexting Abbreviations

    Sexting Abbreviations

    Sexting Abbreviations

    Sexting Abbreviations

    Are you in need of some sexting abbreviations and acronyms so that you can avoid everyone blatantly reading your texts after you have forgotten to erase them? That happens more often than you think!

    Sexting abbreviations are also quite convenient when it comes to typing out long messages which can be tedious, especially when you are just trying to enjoy the moment! Some of these may seem a bit humorous, and you should only use them if they aren’t going to completely scare the other person away.

    Here are some useful sexting abbreviations, you can also find the full list at the end of this article.

    Use “9” to alert your sexting mate that someone or your parent is around. DUM can stand for… do you masturbate? This isn’t always easy to ask someone, and the work makes certain people cringe. DUSL stands for do you scream loud. For some reason, that scenario tends to turn a lot of people on- both men and women.

    It adds on to the effect of the sexting and it will create a hot and intimate scenario in the imagination of the both of you. FOL stands for fond of leather. This isn’t common among many who hear the abbreviation, but once you use it and explain it to them then it will probably be used quite often being that the women will enjoy the sexting abbreviations as well. GYPO stands for “get your pants off” (kind of funny, I know.) Some really prefer using these abbreviations not only while they are sexting but when they are normally texting. These can make for some very humorous conversations, and it’s a good way of getting to know what the other person likes.

    MOS stands for “mom over shoulder”. It would be the worst thing in the world if you were sexting with somebody and while you were going to receive a text your mom was right behind you waiting to see who you were texting and what they are saying. Say MOS to protect your embarrassment with your very own mother! RUH stands for are you horny and that’s quite apparent especially when you are trying to hint to the other person that you are trying to sext with them yet you don’t want to seem too forward about it or too evasive if they actually aren’t interested.

    This can be a fun and entertaining experience, especially if it’s with someone that you’ve always been very attracted to or if it’s with a boyfriend or a girlfriend who lives a long way away. Please, don’t take part in this provocative behavior with someone else if you already have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and they are completely unaware of your behavior. It’s the worst way for them to find out that you are being unfaithful if you are doing it through text messages and pictures. It would crush them if they are the one being potentially faithful to you.

    Here is the full list of sexting abbreviations and acronyms:

    Got some cool sexting abbreviations that are not listed here? Please share!

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