Is Sexting Cheating?

    Is Sexting Cheating?

    Is Sexting Cheating? This article discusses the case where you are already in a relationship and you sext with a 3rd person without your partner’s knowledge.

    Many people question as to whether or not sexting is cheating, and it most definitely is. If you have to hide this sexting from your partner, then don’t you think that you’re doing something wrong or something that they wouldn’t appreciate? If it were me I would feel hurt, especially being that I would feel as if I didn’t fulfill that person in a sexual nature. Cheating isn’t only in the form of being physical, it’s also mental and the intentions that you would have sex with another person.

    Your intentions with another person in the bedroom mean that you aren’t fulfilling in the relationship that you are currently in. Are you okay with that? Maybe, if you are tempted to cheat with other people you aren’t satisfied with the person that you’re with or you have a monogamy problem. I’m not a philosopher and I don’t create the rule book in which we live by, but I can tell you that you should only do to others what you would do to yourself. Would it hurt you if your boyfriend or girlfriend were having sexual thoughts about someone else? Answer that and then see if you still consider it to be cheating.

    If you have somewhat of a “friends with benefits” relationship with someone, then you really cannot cheat on them because either of you have declared your emotions towards each other or that you two are exclusive. The minute that you have an intimate relationship with someone and you declare that they are yours and only yours then that means that they are: physically, emotionally and mentally. Through communication and a mutual agreement, the both of you can come to terms on the question, “Is Sexting Cheating?”

    To think that it isn’t would be quite native, don’t you think? It’s common sense that when you’re in a relationship with some that you are only attracted to them. If you aren’t good with relationships, then don’t be in one! It’s as simple as that, and it means that you are going to have to be honest with yourself instead of playing games with other people. Sexting may seem harmless but not towards someone who is being completely and totally honest with you about their personal life. This can be the cause of a break up because the intentions behind it were meant for something else.

    Sex isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually very healthy; but only if you are doing it with honest emotions and thoughts because it can really mess with people’s heads if you are doing it only for the purpose of self-gratification.  Sex can be very intimate to the person that you are in a relationship, which is why you have to be honest with them from the start. Is there something that you aren’t attracted to about them? Communicate and you will find the answer exactly how you deserve it! Sexting is cheating.