Explicit Sexting

    The act of sexting is often combined with a sort of explicity, and can sometimes even be implying sexual activities. This kind of sexting is common amongst couples in a sexual relationship, where as casual sexting can also be practiced by boys and girls who don’t have intercourse. Those explicit sexts often consist of a “dirty” message, combined with pictures of nudity and are supposed to arouse the partner.

    So, what are examples of explicit sexting?. The recent controversy around Tiger Woods text messages gives one good example.

    “I will wear  you out…when was the last time  you got (bleeped)?” one message read.

    Tiger also send: “Send me something very naughty…Go to the bathroom and take (a picture).”

    Of course, this sort of sexts are only appropriate if you are already in a intimate relationship with the person who is receiving you message.

    Here are some sexting examples for people in a close relationship:

    “can you feel me touching you?”

    “i am kissing your lips right now”

    “I will wear you out”

    “can not wait to feel you”

    “wait for me to come home, and i will do whatever you want to you”

    “you want it as bad as i do baby?”

    “lets do it! Now!”

    Of course there are a million examples for explicit sexting, but these should give you a guideline of what to text a person really close to you.