Texting Dangers While Driving

    I rarely text while on the road but I received a text message from a friend while driving home from the gym today. It was nothing important but I replied to him. While replying, I traveled through a curve and after the curve there was a red light stop and there were many cars stopping in front of me. The stop was totally unexpected, I was busy concentrating on my phone and didn’t notice about the stop until I was very close. I slammed on my brakes and luckily I was able to stop my car before causing an accident.

    Because of the curve, I was going just about 35 mph. If I had traveled faster, there wouldn’t be a chance for me to stop in time. Wow! Realizing how dangerous it was, I questioned myself, was it worth it to reply to the text? I could have risked my life or someone’s life. Given the text was so unimportant and un-urgent, risking human lives over it was just so stupid. I wouldn’t do it again!

    Just now I came across a news article about a 19 years old boy texting while driving on highway. He caused an accident. Eleven minutes before the accident, he sent/received 11 text messages.

    While going at 55 mph, he crashed into the back of a tractor truck and caused a chain collision with two school buses.

    From the image, you can see that the teen’s truck was crushed in between the tractor and the school bus.

    – The teen was killed
    – A 15-year-old student from one of the two school buses was killed
    – 38 other people were injured

    When I exchange things with other people, I only exchange things with comparable value. In this texting case, texting and risking lives are no way comparable.

    Texting while driving is really dangerous. I would never do it again, I hope you are the same too!

    Take care friends!!! 

    About the news article, it is located here: http://news.yahoo.com/driver-sent-got-11-texts-11-min-crash-151619850.html