Teen Sexting Tips

    Teen Sexting Tips

    If you’re a teen and you are sexting, I have a bit of advice for you. Depending on your age you may not need to read some of this information because you are either aware of the consequences, or you don’t want to put yourself in that type of position. These teen sexting tips are going to prevent you from hurting yourself and the people around you. Sexting is the act of sending sexual texts and pictures to someone and although this seems like innocent and flirtatious behavior, it is much more serious than you perceive it to be.

    Sexting and doing it under the age of 18 is considered to be child pornography. Although all the states and the laws vary depending on the location, they all consider it child pornography. It is on the shoulder of both the sender and the receiver if an adult or a school administrator were to find these pictures. Since 2005, this behavior was on the rise being that almost everyone had a camera within their cell phone, and more students are obtaining a cell phone at a young age.

    Technology is innovating quickly and its making us behave in a way with less fear of confrontation being that it isn’t face to face. It’s much easier to communicate through a cell phone, and through a social network because it doesn’t require you to show who you truly are. You can be anyone whom you choose to be. Some teen sexting tips revolve around the way that you can prevent yourself and your friends from sending these provocative pictures. If you can warn other people about the consequences that come along with sexting then you can prevent them from dealing with expulsion or from even being arrested.

    You can’t always trust the person that you think that you can trust. Arguments happen and many people will turn their back on you, invading the privacy that you once opened up for someone whom you thought you could trust. There are many teens who find this behavior acceptable because their family doesn’t discipline them in a way that is informative. It’s just as important for an adult to inform their children on the use of a cell phone as well as how they should and shouldn’t use it. It takes responsibility to gain that type of freedom and as a child proves to you that they can make the right decisions is when they earn that type of privilege.

    The best way to avoid sexting is by avoiding that type of behavior through any sort of mobile device or social network. Evidence of these things can be distributed to other people who in turn can be shown to people that they really shouldn’t be shown to. Make sure that you protect your pride because that’s the one thing that’s totally and completely yours. You can protect your pride and your privacy by keeping it totally and completely yours.