Sexting Tips for Women

    Making the first move with sexting can take some guts, but it’s time for you to step up and take some initiative! Of course, there are a few things to think about before you make the move because you have to be on the same level of this other person. The following are a few sexting tips for women so that both you and the guy can get the most out of your texting experience.

    Make sure that it starts off the right way. Build up the anticipation because the less that you put into each text message and the more that you make him wait, the more he’s going to want you. You can tell when he is getting into it because his text messages will either be much longer and in detail and shorter more often because he can’t wait any longer!

    After you have built up the anticipation you should make the next step and start giving him a visual image of you and how you may look in different positions.. Etc. When you can give him an image of what you look like in a certain outfit or without any outfit at all then you will increase the male libido significantly! After you have started off slow then start being a bit more detailed in how it would start off.

    If you did it right, by this time he should be worked up and ready for the ride! Although it’s in the heat of the moment, you should end it all just quite yet! Keep giving him new things to think about until he’s ready to burst! The best sexting tips for women relate to how slow and sensual they are with each text message. Make him wait and he will want you forever! That’s how men are. They want a dangerous plaything that may not be so promising… but, at least the ride was fun.

    Some other sexting tips may relate to sending pictures as well, but only if you trust that person enough with the pictures that you are sending. If you trust them, then make it interesting and make sure that they delete it afterwards so that they don’t have any blackmail on you! Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words but only when they are taken in the right way!

    Sexting tips for women may relate to the types of words that they use while they are writing out their naughty message. Use words that turn him on and send him pictures that may not bare all, but bare enough and then leave the rest to his imagination. Now that you know how to get him revved up you can put your skills to the test! Just make sure that this is exactly what he wants as well. Make sure that this person is of age so that you don’t get charged with sexual harassment, as well.