Sexting Tips

    sexting tips

    Sexting Tips

    Sexting Tips

    Are you unsure as to how initiate “sexting?” We all want to have a little fun now and then on our mobile devices, but we may not be so sure how to go about it if it’s with someone whom we are still in the process of gaining intimacy with.

    Follow these steps and you will have the best sexting experience with a new-found stranger who may be a friend with benefits, or more!

    See some sexting tips below or go to the main home page for many hot and dirty sexting examples from visitors like you.

    Sexting tip #1, make sure that it’s okay with the person on the other end of the phone! You should first make sure that this person is okay with sexting and that they are comfortable doing it with you. We sometimes mistake people and the types of behavior that we perceive may not be the same as their intention (or they are just playing games.) Did you know that if you partake in unsolicited sexual messages that it’s considered sexual harassment? This can get you in a lot of trouble, especially if it’s with a minor or an employee at work.

    Sexting tip #2, adults only! Make sure that this person is an adult! If they are a minor, and you aren’t, then you and only you, can get in a deep amount of trouble. Make sure that the person you’re dealing with is honest in telling you their age. Many girls will lie about it just so that they can continue some type of a relationship with a guy. Don’t let this happen to you, ever.

    Sexting tip#3, relax when you are having a conversation with this other person. Don’t be afraid about feeling embarrassed the next time that you see them. Play it off as a joke by saying,” Last night was fun, wasn’t it?” Once you can relax and go with the flow of things then you may enjoy it much more than if you were tense the whole time.

    Sexting Tip #4, Speak the same sexual language as the other person and don’t get too intense if they are texting you with simple vocabulary. If the other person has initiated the conversation, and they are intense with it and you don’t mind, and then go with that too. If both of you are on different levels when it comes to this type of behavior, then it won’t get far. Sexting tips revolve around being on the same level of pleasure and the climax being mutual.

    Sexting tip #5, leave no evidence of this on your phone. Even if a friend were to get a hold of your phone to flip through pictures, and you accidentally had one in which you were ashamed of you cannot take that risk! Hopefully, this won’t be the situation but in the case of an affair this happens far too often! Avoid affairs and avoid sexual evidence for anyone else to get their hands on. Now that you are aware of the dos and don’ts of sexual texting you can go into it not making a completely fool out of yourself!