Sexting Do’s and Don’ts

    sexting do and dontSexting Do’s and Don’ts

    Sexting do’s and don’ts are quite simple to remember if you have a bit of a rational sense when you are behaving provocatively with another woman or man. This can be a fun way to entertain yourself and the other person, especially if you’re too embarrassed to behave the same way in person. A lot of us will turn to these types of things to get the ball rolling but there are certain rules to follow before you start this type of texting behavior.

    First off, you should make sure that you and that other person are comfortable with each other in person so that it isn’t awkward the next time that you see them. It would be horrible to have the best sexting and then when you see them, they are embarrassed by their behavior. To break the ice in person crack a joke about it and make them feel light hearted instead of unsure as what to say.

    The sexting do’s and don’ts are:

    • Do take it slow in the beginning. Don’t abruptly send a long text of all the things that you want to do to this person. Not only this is going to scare them away, but it’s going to break the anticipation, and the anticipation is the best part- leading to our next do.
    • Do build up the anticipation for a long time so that the texting session is worth it! The more anticipation you build up, the more interested she is going to be in how you are up close and personal instead of just through the phone.
    • Don’t speak another language than the other person. If they have initiated this type of conversation, and they are using simple words to turn you on, then don’t return the conversation with some fantastic vocabulary or with a much exaggerated tone of voice. Stick to their tone so that they don’t feel completely out of place.
    • Don’t send pictures if you barely know this person. Not only is this going to result in some sort of evidence, but if it ends up in the wrong hands, then you may be screwed for all of eternity! Let’s not mention what happened to Kim Kardashian and your sex tape. Don’t let that happen to you by sending pictures to someone whom you aren’t completely sure of. Those things floating around can be blackmailed in their finest forms!
    • The best Sexting do’s and don’ts piece of advice. Don’t take part in sexting if you are already in a relationship! If you aren’t satisfied with your relationship as of now, then you shouldn’t be in it period; especially, if that other person is being completely faithful to you and unaware of your behavior. Don’t lie to someone who is wholeheartedly giving you his all while you are doing half of the work he is doing. Also, sexting is a bad way for them to find out that you ARE cheating. Yes, this is a form of cheating.

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